Paul Pollard

This is my first tattoo, and what an amazing experience it was! I would highly recommend Inkreation to anyone wanting a beautiful piece of art. Both Lindi & Gilli are beautiful people and Gilli is an amazing artist! My hours spent went so fast, great conversation and hospitality,I can't wait to get back for more. See you soon Cheers Paul


I have had the most wonderful experience at your studio whilst getting my first tattoo. Both lindi and gill are so welcoming and so involved with the whole process I felt quite overwhelmed. My tattoo took around 9 hours of the 2 session as there was never a dull moment. The most surprising thing overall was how painless the whole situation was. I am terrified of needles and honestly couldn\'t feel gill tattooing me at times. I feel so privileged to have meet you both and forever great full that I found you for my first tattoo. I couldn\'t see myself having it done any other way. Love you both from one extremely pleased customer :D xx courtney


Marie-Helene Ainsley, Thank you so much for bringing my dream to life and for sharing your beautiful view and your hospitality. I can't think of a better way to have taken this journey or with two more lovely people, Gilli you are a legend and Lindi an inspiration. Much love... Pip

Rita Gyo

Being in the seed of life! Thankyou from the deepest pocket of my heart for this beautiful creation you both manifested with me and for me! It was an absolute pleasure getting it done in your magnificent new abode near Byron! I shall treasure it with pride for ever. Love and Light.


Feeling privileged to be the first inked at the new Byron Bay Studio. Loving my new tattoo it's just gorgeous!!! I can't stop looking at it!! Thank you so much again for looking after Alycia and I and welcoming us to your paradise! Gorgeous house, studio and of course Lindi and Gili.. bless xX ♥


Hai Gili and Lindi, you probaly won\'t remeber me. I came by quite a while ago(about a year and a half). You finished my tattoo(a swallow) in about 4 hours, cause my skin didn\'t swell at all. Well, i\'m back home in holland, and i wanna tell you something funny. My mum hated the idea of me getting a tattoo, but she fell in love immediately when she saw mine. It\'s the most beautiful tattoo she\'s ever seen. At least, those are her words. Almost everone agrees with her, we don\'t have this kind of tattoo\'s here in holland. It\'s really special, and it feels that way, because of you. So thank you for this amazing tattoo and the wonderful experience! And you\'re right. I still thinking about getting another one, but someday i wanna come back to australia, and then i\'ll come by for the other tattoo. Cause you\'re way of setting a tattoo impressed me, and if i want another one, it\'s gonna be at your store! Thank you, Liz


Wow you two are so amazing !! thank you so much for my sun its beautiful and so special to me.Your art is beautiful and what makes my sun even more special is that it was designed for me and done by hand so so talented. Thank you for making it such a comfortable, beautiful experience. I look forward to crossing paths with you both again.

Sarah C

Gillie, The experience of meeting you has been amazing, I feel like this is a life changing moment for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can't begin to tell you what you have done for me... You & Lindi are such special people. You have both inspired me, in more ways than one. ♥


I had wanted my tattoo for nearly two years. I had been around to the majority of Melbournes best tattoo studio's and there was not a single tonehat would do it. The symbol i wanted was a maze and perfectly symetrical. Even the artists that believed they could do the tattoo by machine told me that after a few years all the lines would fade together and would become a blob of ink on my back. I would have to enlarge the size at least 10 times to avoid this and still the tattoo would not be perfect as a machine makes approximately 100 dots a second and any mistake with this tattoo and it would be ruined. Through a friend of mine i managed to find Inkreation, because of the amazing technique used, they could do my tattoo! It would not fade or stretch over time, it would not hurt, i could swim the same day i got it and the sun would not make it fade. I was overjoyed to know it was possible. Gilly, is an amazing artist and the job he did for my tattoo was extraordinary. Ten hours was not enough time spent with him, he is a great person and at no point did i feel we had nothing to talk about. One would assume a tattoo that takes 10 hours to create would become boring and strenuous but i enjoyed every moment of it. Thank you so much Inkreation for everything you've done, i would recommend you to anyone i could and i absolutely love my tattoo. Keep up the great work guys! Peace

Andrew Tasmania

Thanks so much, I feel extremely fortunate to have such gifted people give me such exceptional art. I hate to think what the outcome would have been if not for you two. Thanks for the photos they are great. I will send you some shortly now that it has settled. It is interesting the number of folk who have conventional method tatts are not aware of your method and the spectacular detail your talents can achieved.


I had an old tattoo on my shoulder that had gotten a bit faded and blurred over the years. I wanted to turn it in to something else, expand it (it was small, and felt sort of lonely there, like a little lump on the shoulderblade) - but I had no idea how. When I stumbled across Inkreation on Brunswick Street I found the solution. I liked the designs they'd done before, and felt I could trust Lindi and Gili helping me create something new. The result is a beautiful design that feels feminine and sits in the right place, with a perfect flow over the shoulder. I can't take away my old tattoo, but I could get a more balanced and harmonius picture, thanks to Inkreation. The tattooing experience was actually nice too! No pain, not at all like when I had my old tattoo done (which was made by machine of course), and I hope that, as they've told me, this tattoo won't blur and fade out over the years the way the machine ones do.


I'd always thought about getting a tattoo, but the idea of having one that could just be picked out of a book was tacky, and put me off, so when I saw Gilly and Lindy's designs I was just totally amazing, they're so beautiful, intricate and completely unique. My design is one that goes down my back, and is one of the most beautiful designs i've ever seen. Not to mention the fact that there's minimal pain, if you want something individual and delicate then this is the place for you. Thank you so much Inkreation, i'm one very happy customer :) xxxxxx


I had my wrist tattoo, designed in conjunction with my wants and loves, by Gili and he gave me two options, i ended up wanting both, but got one (for now)..I love my tattoo so much i also call it permanent jewellery, as i am obsessed with jewels. I highly recommend INKreations to anyone wanting very unique special tattoos - done dot-by-dot. It does not hurt and looks amazing. The most gentle/subtle of designs can be done. I also want to say i'd get any of the tattoos on the wall of designs - they are all so amazing and beautiful. Thanks Gilindi, your both amazing people and so glad i know you now....Peace and love ems xoxoxox


I first met Gilly and Lindi when they came into my gym and when I saw their own tattoos on their arms and hands I fell in love. I came to visit them and spent time talking about what and where I wanted my next tattoo. I came back to them with all my inspirations, pictures and thoughts and gave it to them freely as I trusted they would design something so different and out there for me. When they asked me to see the draft they had drawn up for me I was in love and was so excited I didn't want them to change it one bit. It is a big piece on the side of my forearm going right up onto my pinky finger and around my wrist and I couldn't be happier. It doesn't look like the "conventional tattoo" it actually looks like its always been there like its apart of my skin like permanent jewellery they call it :) It was hardly painful and never needed healing time it was great I could show it off that same day! Its so artistic and unique and really captures the emotions and significant details in the art work. Im so happy and will always go back there not only for the tattoos but also for the people. Lots of Love Jade

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