The Ink..... Gili discovered his passion for tattoos at the age of 13 and ever since then he knew he'd be a tattoo artist. Over two decades, practicing many forms of art, he focused his attention on fine art and hand tattooing. With his deep understanding of the skin from hand tattooing almost every reachable part of his own body, Gili perfected the innovative art of hand dotting tattoos. As a master of concentration and with an incredibly steady and precise hand, he creates amazing, often very intricate detailed dot-work tattoos. ....The kreation Lindi is the designer at Inkreation. Her first creations began way back as a young child. With a deep passion for beauty, freedom and happiness she spent much of her life creating and gathering inspiration while travelling the globe. Her passion and talented eye for detail was expressed through garden and interior design and through clothing and jewellery. Her deep desire is to create art that adorns the body with timeless organic designs expressing emotions and beauty. Lindi finds the time between designing tattoos to create her own unique line of hand knotted, intricate and organic macrame jewellery on display at Inkreation studios.